Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (PFD) can involve the disruption of urinary, sexual and bowel function with or without pain in the pelvis, lower back, abdomen and hip regions. Men and women suffer from this condition and can be successfully healed.


Watch your symptoms improve over time, never lose exercise sheets again, and find a practitioner who treats PFD. Receive reminders on your mobile phone to do your exercise or relax your pelvic floor.




Manage and motivate your patients by becoming a member of PelvicTrack to gain access to a fully integrated dashboard. Market your practice to potential patients with PelvicTrack app.

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Pelvic Floor Exercises

Learn the 50 exercises and self-help techniques including diaphragmatic breathing, pelvic floor muscle relaxation exercises, and dynamic and static stretches. Included with clear photos and written text.


Find a practitioner in your area by looking on our Maps page.

Symptom Tracker

Input each symptom and rate each symptom on a scale of #0 to #10. After 1-2 months of treatment re-rate the symptoms and a graph will show the comparison from week to week, month to month. Motivate yourself to continue treatment and exercises by seeing results.

Set Reminders

Set a timed signal on your phone, for example, every 2 hours to check your pelvic muscle tension level and to do a relaxation technique. Consistent retraining of faulty patterns throughout the day is achieved.


  • My phone discreetly reminds me to relax my pelvic floor muscles throughout my busy day. Plus, I found a wonderful physical therapist in my area who was able to help me! Without PelvicTrack, I would still be suffering. - Elaine T.

  • PelvicTrack makes patient care super easy! I have more accurate track of all symptoms of my patients, I can show their improvements with the graphs and prescribe the pelvic and core exercises right on their phone - a win-win for everyone. - Evelyn Hecht, PT

  • PelvicTrack kept me focused on what I needed to do to heal. Having my iphone be part of my therapy proved effective. - John D.


We recommend being under the care of a licensed physical therapist or practitioner who specializes in PFD.

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